Commercial Scaffolding in Lancashire

Whalley Scaffolding are the ideal scaffolding solution for all sized projects. We stock sturdy, modern, well-maintained scaffolding and can provide a range of scaffold structures to suit our clients need. We can help your project run smoothly, keeping to tight deadlines whilst never compromising on our high standards of safety.

We offer a wide range of commercial scaffolding services:

  • Birdcage Scaffolding
  • Heritage Scaffolding
  • Independent Access
  • Loading Bays
  • Chimney Scaffolds
  • Edge Protection
  • Waste Chutes & Hoist Hire
  • Structural and Support Shoring
  • High Rise Scaffolding
  • Temporary Roofing
  • Safety Netting
  • Cantilevered Scaffolds
  • Scaffolding Towers
  • Perimeter Scaffolding
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Commercial Scaffolding | Whalley | Clitheroe

Furthermore, if the Scaffold reaches over your boundaries onto public areas then we will make an application to your local council to obtain the necessary Licence.

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